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The total UK market for Asphalt in the UK is over 25 million tonnes with over 250 mixing plants. The UK has predominantly focused on standard hot mix (mixed at high temperatures) but in Europe we are seeing an increase in the usage of warm mix technology which allows the producers of asphalt pavement material to lower the temperatures at which the material is mixed and placed on the road. As warm mix is typically heated to between 100°C and 140°C, around 40°C less than hot-mix asphalt there are obvious benefits of cutting fuel consumption and decreasing the production of greenhouse gases and associated odours. In addition, engineering benefits include better compaction on the road, the ability to haul paving mix for longer distances, and extending the paving season by being able to pave at lower temperatures.

Our Warm-mix technologies can utilise current systems through melting backs or an additional dosing system in order to use liquid additives which provide additional benefits. Flomac provides advice and guidance on helping our Customers make the right choice.

Please download our cost saving calculator for additional information on how much you could potentially save.



Asphalt emulsion applications are cost effective, consume less energy, and have a low impact on the environment. With our comprehensive range of emulsifiers, you can customise emulsions to suit your requirements using local raw materials which very often vary in quality due to local geology. Our emulsifiers work with many different kinds of aggregates and bitumen, including polymer modified bitumen in all climatic conditions as demonstrated by our customers operating across the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Our versatile offering is suited across many application areas such as

- Prime and tack coat
- Fog and slurry seal
- Surface dressing/chip seal
- Micro surfacing
- Cold mix
- Cold recycling and more


Adhesion Promoters

In developed countries, like the UK, road maintenance or reconstruction are the primary road paving activities. In developing countries, the focus is more on construction of road networks. In both cases, the durability and life expectancy of the asphalt pavement is of vital importance. Our product range of adhesion promoters creates a strong chemical bond between bitumen and the aggregate, such as limestone or granite, and these bonds are resistant to the action of water which extends the durability of the pavement.

- Hot/warm mix
- Hot applied surface dressing/chip seal
- Cutback applications
- Patch mix and more



Flomac® Colour is a NEW and revolutionary concept of pigment for hot mixes (synthetic or asphaltic), designed to optimise special pavement mixes during the production process. Its NEW granular formula permits an easier, safer, faster and cheaper colour mix. The pigment is pre-dispersed in a high resistance polymers and special additives, to optimise pigment compatibility with the binder, allowing a reduction of 50% in the quantities needed to obtain the same colour than powder pigments.

- Reduces the amount of binder content of the mix
- Faster dispersion of the colour
- 100% dust free granular pigment
- Improves colour intensity & mechanical properties of the mix
- 100% water resistant
- Dosed by filler silo or automatic dosing systems

Value Added Ingredients

Asphacal ® TC

With over 10 million m2 of tack coat treated across Europe, high performance Asphacal ® TC milk of lime has proven reliability and offers both technical and environmental advantages.

Asphacal ® TC preserves the bond quality between layers and eliminates the damage to tack coats caused by site traffic, therefore maintaining the tack coat integrity and improving road longevity.

With the removal of trafficked bitumen residue, both the working environment and local environment is improved, there is also a noticeable improvement of the cleanliness of mobile machinery and lorries.

The overall cleaning time is reduced therefore improving worker efficiency and reducing cleaning costs.


RWelast® is an innovative additive for asphalt mixes with the ability to improve the performance of the road whilst offering users more flexible solutions. All roads are subject to mechanical and thermal stresses, using RW Elast polymers can enhance the thermochemical properties of roads and pavements.

Key advantages are

- Decreased thermal susceptibility resulting in better resistance to rutting and thermal cracking.

- Increased biner and intergranular cohesion which helps conserve skid resistant properties.

- Increased elasticity to prevent fatigue and deformation of the roads surface.

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